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Houston's Next Reality Star

Truffles, candles and sex — plus a reality TV series on the way —make this Houstonian a hot commodity

Montgomery County Heart Ball, February 2013, Theresa Roemer, Lamar Roemer
Theresa and Lamar Roemer are poised for stardom in their own reality TV series on a major cable network. Theresa Roemer, Lamar Roemer Photo by © Susan Lee
Theresa Roemer closet
Yes, you'll surely be invited into Theresa Roemer's closet in the new reality TV series. Photo courtesy of © Gittings
Theresa Roemer Signature Truffles
Theresa Roemer truffles are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and soon to be offered at Neiman Marcus.
Theresa Roemer with candles
Theresa Roemer's candle line was selected "best for bedroom" in the current issue of Lucky magazine. Courtesy photo
Montgomery County Heart Ball, February 2013, Theresa Roemer, Lamar Roemer
Theresa Roemer closet
Theresa Roemer Signature Truffles
Theresa Roemer with candles

It's shaping up as a great summer for Theresa Roemer — body building title-holder, beauty pageant winner, author, philanthropist and entrepreneur. If you haven't heard of her until now, fasten your seatbelts. The blonde bombshell from The Woodlands with a no-holds-barred approach to life is about to go national.

Contracts have been signed — actually signed — by a major cable network but the confidentiality restrictions have yet to be lifted on a reality TV series featuring Roemer and family. Stay tuned for details on the project that is expected to go into filming shortly.

"It's all about women getting back in touch with themselves, with the beautiful, sexy women they used to be." 

And that's just part of the hot, hot summer for Roemer. Just this month, her signature candles have been selected by Lucky magazine as "best for the bedroom." And today she signs the lease on space with fashion designer David Peck, who will work with her on the Theresa Roemer Lifestlye fashion line.

In the meantime, Roemer's sensual (her words) chocolate truffles are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue in Bar 12 and in 5115 Grille. They debuted in November. She's in the final planning stages for launching them at Neiman Marcus and next week she's meeting with Hotel Granduca, Hotel ZaZa and the Four Seasons, all interested in carrying her seductive line of chocolates in the cookies-and-cream flavor, her personal fave. 

"Chocolate is sensual. It's romantic," she says explaining that the yummy morsels were a natural outgrowth of her book Nude: Unveiling Your Inner Beauty and Sensuality. (Roemer and Kym Jackson, Miss Texas 2005, co-authored the "guide to beauty and sensuality.")

"It's all about women getting back in touch with themselves, with the beautiful, sexy women they used to be," she adds. "We get so caught up with our children and our jobs, we forget how we once were."

Roemer introduced her sensual candle line into the ever-expanding TR empire last summer. The Theresa Roemer Candle Collection features six scents, with titles such as Sunbathing in the Nude and Hot and Steamy Weekends. They are available on her website.

And the latest addition to the world of TR is her fashion line that reflects her personal style. She'll take over the second half of the space above Cafe Express on Kirby, where Peck has his studios. Roemer says that Peck will assist her with design and his company will handle manufacturing of the clothes that she describes as lifestyle wear that is floaty, sensuous, not cocktaily.

"I dress a certain way and people are always telling me how much they like my look," she explains of her dipping into the design world.

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