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The best pizza in Houston is finally moving inside the Loop with a new restaurant: It's BYOB and big

The best pizza restaurant in Houston is finally moving inside the Loop

Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana
Pizaro's Neapolitan-style pies are widely considered the best Italian pizza in Houston. Photo by Ruthie Miller
Pizaro's Pizza Montrose construction
Pizaro's has received the permits necessary to turn the former Bobbit Glass building into a restaurant. Photo by Eric Sandler
Pizarro's Pizza building rendering
This rendering from last year shows the now-deleted patio, but the plans otherwise remain intact. Rendering courtesy of Pizarro's Pizza Napoletana
Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana
Pizaro's Pizza Montrose construction
Pizarro's Pizza building rendering

For Houston pizza fans, particularly those who live inside the Loop, the news they have been looking forward to for months is here. The Montrose location of beloved Italian pizza restaurant Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana is back on track.

"After a long wait, we just picked up the permits today," owner Bill Hutchinson tells CultureMap. Construction to transform the former Bobbit Glass building will begin soon with a plan to open in January 2015. When Pizaro's first announced its expansion plans last year, Hutchinson hoped to be open this July, but the city permitting process proved to be more daunting than he originally anticipated.

 Pizaro's is so widely regarded as the best pizza in Houston that it can't help but find an audience.  

The only bad news is that plans for a 300 square-foot patio have been scrapped. Otherwise, the restaurant will be what Hutchinson has planned: Twice as big as the original, with two, jet-black Italian ovens and a better looking interior than the west side original. "We've got a little more money this time," Hutchinson says with a laugh. 

Capacity will be about 90 people, but one thing hasn't changed. Pizaro's will still be strictly BYOB. 

Even with high-quality options like Dolce Vita, The Pass & Provisions and Romano's already in Montrose, Pizaro's is so widely regarded as the best pizza in Houston that it can't help but find an audience. For pizza lovers, January can't get here quickly enough.

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