Fashion Week Preview

An Exclusive Fashion Week preview: Top designers and Texas up-and-comers offer a sneak peek

Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Carmen Marc Valvo
Sketch courtesy of Carmen Marc Valvo
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Christian Siriano
Sketch courtesy of Christian Siriano
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Pamella Roland
Sketch courtesy of Pamella Roland
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Czar by Cesar Galindo
Sketch courtesy of Cesar Galindo
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Rebecca Taylor
Sketch courtesy of Rebecca Taylor
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Suno
Sketch courtesy of Suno
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Monique Lhuillier
Sketch courtesy of Monique Lhuillier
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketches Sept. 2014 Nicole Miller
Sketch courtesy of Nicole Miller
Sketch of Isabella Rose Taylor spring 2015 collection
Sketch courtesy of Isabella Rose Taylor
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Wes Gordon
Sketch courtesy of Wes Gordon
Fashion Week sketch spring 2015 Sept. 2014 Amir Taghi
Sketch courtesy of Amir Taghi
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 BCBGMAXAZRIA
Sketch courtesy of BCBGMAXAZRIA
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Elie Tahari_Sketch_Future Bohemian
Sketch courtesy of Elie Tahari
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Tadashi Shoji
Sketch courtesy of Tadashi Shoji
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Angel Sanchez Spring 2015 Inspiration 2
Sketch courtesy of Angel Sanchez
Zoe Jordan inspiration sketch Sept 2014
Sketch courtesy of Zoë Jordan
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Dennis Basso
Sketch courtesy of Dennis Basso
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Son Jung Wan
Sketch courtesy of Son Jung Wan
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Mara Hoffman
Sketch courtesy of Mara Hoffman
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Ji Oh Spr 15 Inspiration 2
Sketch courtesy of Ji Oh
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Yoana Baraschi
Sketch courtesy of Yoana Baraschi
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Laurel Berman Black Halo
Sketch courtesy of Laurel Berman/Black Halo
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Desigual sketch by Monsieur Christian Lacroix
Desigual sketch by Monsieur Christian Lacroix
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Jay Godfrey
Sketch courtesy of Jay Godfrey
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Ann Yee
Sketch courtesy of Ann Yee
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 TSE
Sketch courtesy of TSE
Fashion Week spring 2015 sketch Sept. 2014 Perry Ellis
Sketch courtesy of Perry Ellis

Just as the hope for cooler temperatures is arriving in Texas, designers in New York are showcasing their spring 2015 collections. The mix includes established veterans  — Carmen Marc Valvo and Zang Toi are presenting their 25th anniversary shows — and newcomers — among the youngest are two Texans — Amir Taghi, 18, from Houston and Isabella Rose Taylor, 13, from Austin.

Taylor's collection has already been picked up by Nordstrom. Talk about instant success!

To kick off the fashion extravaganza, we asked a wide array of designers to offer a sneak peek of what they plan to show on the runway and where their inspiration came from. 


Designer: Carmen Marc Valvo
Inspiration: "Living the American Dream."

Designer: Christian Siriano
Inspiration: "The glass sculptures of Sergio Redegalli were the first inspiration for my spring/summer 2015 collection. I was drawn to the diffusion of light and reflective transparency of his work installed at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, where his sculptures have an almost long, liquid quality to them atop the dark water on which they sit. This is echoed in the collection in the form of reflective fabrication."

"I wanted this collection to feel light, clean, and crisp; tranquil like a Japanese Zen rock garden; modern for today's woman."

Designer: Pamella Roland
Inspiration: “The fusion of Japanese design and landscape as seen in the gardens of Kyoto."

Designer: Cesar Galindo
Inspiration: The Houston-raised designer's Get Away Collection for CZAR is based on an active leisure lifestyle, vacation state of mind. Expect to see the Galindo trademark of dresses long and short, tunics, jump suits, swim suits with relaxed layering, hooded tunics, soft snake prints, layered sequins in neon yellow, neon pink, melon, gold with colors of citrus, sweet melon and shades of berries. 

Designer: Rebecca Taylor
Inspiration: Spring/summer 2015 imagines the Rolling Stones traveling to India and the dreamy ideal an Indian pilgrimage conjures, with a bit of a rock & roll edge. 



Designer: Suno
Inspiration: "Spring 2015 was inspired primarily by Louise Bourgeois and Georgia O’Keeffe — both their works and themselves as female modern artists working in America in the mid-1900s. Both women were stunning in their individuality and strength as well as their artistry — adding a femininity of color, texture and material to a predominantly male art world.

"In a way, spring 2015 is very much about this femininity – what defines it and how we express it. We cinched waists, lengthened hemlines, and softened color palettes, still unexpected, but sweeter. The prints and colors are a tribute to the women and their works, the shapes and exploration in modern femininity."

Designer: Monique Lhuillier
Inspiration: “My spring 2015 collection is inspired by the first few moments of sunrise, the instant right before the sun rises and paints the sky with luminous shades of pastels. This beauty of nature shaped my color palette and fabric selection for this season.”

Designer: Nicole Miller
Inspiration: "My spring 2015 collection is inspired by the vibrancy and decadence of Brazilian culture. Expect movement, prints, and brights!"

Designer: Isabella Rose Taylor
Inspiration: "It's a story about spring with beginnings in a muted palette graduating to bolder colors. The jumping off point for the color story came from a couple of my abstract paintings which I used for my prints and pattern inspiration," says Taylor, a 13-year-old Austin designer who will make her fashion week debut.

Designer: Wes Gordon
Inspiration: "Spring 2015 is inspired by the colors, atmosphere and freshness of morning light. The collection is a celebration of a minimalist femininity with a palette of soft blushes, celadons and blues anchored  by white, camel and black. Structural crepes, delicate pleated chiffons, modern tweeds, laces and salt-airbrushed denim combine to create a wardrobe for a woman with a strong, unwavering sense of self." 

Designer: Amir Taghi
Inspiration: "For this collection, I was inspired by a fierce and independent woman that is not afraid to show who she really is," says the 18-year-old Houston designer who is showing at New York fashion week for the first time.

Designer: Lubov Azria, chief creative officer at BCBG Max Azria
Inspiration: “Luminosity.”

Designer: Elie Tahari
Inspiration: “Future Bohemian.”

Designer: Tadashi Shoji
Inspiration: "The Grand Canal in Venice."

Designer: Angel Sanchez
Inspiration: “With this collection I decided to find new ideas within the light . .  . and found a new woman: fresh, young, relaxed . . . and, above all, full of life."

Designer: Zoë Jordan
Inspiration: "The collection is a tribute to the grown-up tomboy in her urban environment. The ZJ girl is influenced by a fresh take on northern European trends and tastes, an understanding for build and structure and raw untouched textures. She's a traveled woman who is involved and interested in the city landscapes culturally, socially and professionally."

Designer: Dennis Basso
Inspiration: "The collection represents the glamour of the '60s on the Italian and French Riviera."

Designer: Son Jung Wan
Inspiration" "My spring collection has many tangible dualities: Rough-textured fabrics like hemp cross soft, sinuous silhouettes.”

Designer: Mara Hoffman
Inspiration: “This collection is my reminder to self to be light.”

Designer: Ji Oh
Inspiration: "Playing it safe is dangerous.”

Designer: Yoana Baraschi
Inspiration: “African Sunsets and the bold mix of colors, the aesthetic of the African Continent.”

Designer: Laurel Berman for Black Halo
Inspiration: “Gallery Girl”

Designer: Desigual
Inspiration: “Daisies in bloom, desert roses, tropical hibiscus and Mexican dahlias; flowers freshly cut from an imaginary garden.”

Designer: Jay Godfrey
: Electric West.

Designer: Ann Yee
Inspiration: New York City’s erratic and unstable weather patterns, particularly that capricious time of year between late winter and early spring. 


Designer: TSE
Inspiration: TSE creative director Tina Lutz turned to her friend and Chelsea neighbor, New York-based artist Simone Shubuck, for this season’s inspiration, pulling from the vivid color palettes, intricate compositions and layered textures from three of her mixed-media paintings to create a collection that is equal parts classic and modern.


And don't forget the men......

Designer: Perry Ellis
Inspiration: "The collection plays with the duality of sportswear fabrics in active silhouettes and performance fabrics in tailored silhouettes," says Michael Maccari, Perry Ellis creative director.

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