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72-year-old Texas actress has Most Beautiful Legs, says People magazine

Linda Gray Most Beautiful Legs in People magazine
Linda Gray's Most Beautiful Legs in People magazine. Photo by Robert Erdmann
Rachel Sage Kunin, Ken Topolsky, Linda Gray
Linda Gray (right) with Dallas executive producer Ken Topolsky and Rachal Sage Kunin at the recent Dior opening at Highland Park Village. Photo by Bruno
The Graduate movie poster Dustin Hoffman and leg
Linda Gray's famous leg from The Graduate movie poster. AMovieADay2013
Linda Gray Most Beautiful Legs in People magazine
Rachel Sage Kunin, Ken Topolsky, Linda Gray
The Graduate movie poster Dustin Hoffman and leg

Illustrious celebrity mag People just released its equally illustrious Most Beautiful People edition. The 2013 cover girl is Gwyneth Paltrow. But more interesting to us is the news that Dallas star Linda Gray has been honored with the title of Most Beautiful Legs.

The 72-year-old beauty, who was photographed by Robert Erdmann, is draped in faux fur to show off famous gams.

Famous because it was Gray’s leg, not that of Anne Bancroft, that everyone recognizes from the movie poster for the 1967 film The Graduate — a gig she got as a young model. On Anderson Live, she told host Anderson Cooper, “I think [Anne Bancroft] was absent that day. I got paid $25. For one leg, that was good.”

Gray is currently starring in the reprise of the iconic TV show Dallas on TNT. Theater and TV critic Elaine Liner has remarked that Gray is the star of the show, especially in light of Larry Hagman's death, and she her acting has only continued to get better with age. In her recap of the season two finale, Liner wrote:

Before we tie up the loose ends of this year’s storylines, let us do a deep debutante bow to Linda Gray, the 72-year-old actress who plays Sue Ellen Ewing, now the matriarch and Lady Macbeth of Southfork and Ewing Energies.

Nobody works a white pantsuit and shiny bangs like this woman. She came, she acted drunk, she conquered the spotty writing and hacksaw editing of a cable TV reboot. And she and she alone, after the death of Larry Hagman, made this show watchable.

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