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Along with "Suit & Tie," Justin Timberlake shows a lot of love for his Louboutins

Justin Timberlake is a Louboutin kind of guy.

For two weeks running, we've gotten nearly daily updates of JT's shoe preferences and he seems crazy about Christian Louboutin. Whether hosting Saturday Night Live, appearing on Jimmy Fallon, walking the streets of New York with wife Jessica Biel or hosting a launch party for his new CD, The 20/20 Experience, in Los Angeles, Timberlake has worn distinctive dress shoes from the French designer.

 Louboutin, who made a Houston appearance last fall, is largely known for creating wondrous red-soled women's stilettos, but has branched into the men's shoe business.

Louboutin, who made a Houston appearance last fall, is largely known for creating wondrous red-soled women's stilettos, but in the past two years has branched into the men's shoe business. And Timberlake appears to be his No. 1 customer.

In two musical numbers on SNL, Timberlake wore the "Gareth," a black lace-up with silver metal cap toe ($1,195), and the "Junior," a distinctive black patent and white canvas lace-up ($795).

On Fallon, Timberlake wore the "Platers," a black leather lace-up ($895) and the "Bruno Zip," a black leather lace-up with zipper detail ($945).

And he appears at the end of the music video for his song, "Mirrors," again in all black, except for the red soles of his "Gareth" shoes.

Does this guy ever go barefoot?

For now, the men's shoes are available mainly at the Louboutin men's store in New York, but fingers crossed the designer will feature them in a Houston boutique tentatively planned to open next year.

See the latest Justin Timberlake music video:

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