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Unlikely A-List Appearance

Johnny Depp makes waves in small Texas town for a weekend of Gulf Coast fishing

Johnny Depp fishing in Rockport August 2013
A Rockport resident posted this Instagram of Johnny Depp with fishing guide Todd Adams on August 24. Photo by Schells/Instagram

The Texas hamlet of Rockport is all abuzz after some strange twist of fate brought Johnny Depp to the small Gulf Coast town for an apparent fishing expedition.

KIII Channel 3 in Corpus Christi reports that dozens of fans descended upon the region after a photo of the Edward Scissorhands actor with local fishing expert Todd Adams made its way onto social media Saturday.

"Oh yeah Johnny Depp likes to fish in Rockport!" writes area resident Michelle Bollom on her now-infamous Instagram post. "Hope he caught some."

Depp will reprise his Jack Sparrow role for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean  film in 2015.

Although CultureMap was unable to reach Adams for confirmation, numerous Depp devotees familiar with the star's body art claim on KIII's Facebook page that the image is 100-percent legit.

Rockport — with its Gulf breezes and a population hovering around 9,000 — surely provided a pleasant respite from the negative reviews and weak box office numbers that plagued The Lone Ranger this summer. Hopefully the actor had checked out Rockport's awe-inspiring Big Tree, a live oak estimated to be as old as 2,000 years

Depp will reprise his Captain Jack Sparrow role for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film expected in 2015.

In the meantime, the actor is finishing work on Trancendence, a sci-fi thriller in which he plays a scientist . . . whose brain is uploaded into a supercomputer . . . after he's killed by terrorists.

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