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april 23

Links we love today: Arguing about Super Mario Brothers, debating Russian writers, the best bowling match ever and more

Austin_photo: News_links we love april 23 2012
Team Nerdist faces off against Team Mad Men. Photo via Nerdist

Here are the links we loved today:

Guys, I have a serious problem with this Wired article on how the Super Mario Brothers movie sucked.

Lizok’s Bookshelf outlines some of Russia’s favorite writers; Experts weigh in on the Tolstoy v. Dostoyevsky debate

Killeen girl takes out billboard asking for prom queen votes, loses anyway.

NPR interviews Tanja Hollander, the artist who took portraits of all her 600+ Facebook friends. 

VICE has launched a new YouTube show, VICE Today. Check it out!

Luckiest baseball fan ever has caught over 5,800 foul balls

Are cosmetics poisoning us? Probably!

I can’t believe it’s not Photoshop.

New Fiona Apple song, “Every Single Night”:

The Nerdist bowling team takes on the stars of Mad Men:

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