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Jim Parsons' big date with Kristin Chenoweth is all about building his Broadway cred

Jim Parsons may be an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning television star, but the Houston native's not afraid to be known as a theater guy. Parsons will join fellow Broadway vet Kristin Chenoweth in hosting the 2012 Tony nominations ceremony on May 1.

It's a very symbiotic gig for Parsons. It helps him continue to establish himself in the theater world — he made his Broadway debut in A Normal Heart in 2011 and will star in Harvey in the role originated by Jimmy Stewart — this summer. It's also a way for The Big Bang Theory to continue to market its breakout star. The Tony Awards are airing on the show's network, CBS.

While it once seemed like Broadway was only for theater geeks and movie stars trying to gain some credibility, there seems to be increasing interaction between New York and Hollywood, as evidenced by multi-platform stars like Parsons, Chenoweth, Lea Michele and Tonys host Neil Patrick Harris, as well as theater-centric programming like the new musical Smash on NBC.

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