jan. 17

Links we love today: Rocky vs. Rambo, the YouTube star machine, red wine drama and more

Links we love today: Rocky vs. Rambo, the YouTube star machine, red wine drama and more

Assistant Editor Samantha Pitchel reads everything so you don’t have to. Here are the links she (and we loved) today:

Stop everything you’re doing and read the script for ROCKY VS RAMBO, an epic piece of fanfic from Scott Aukerman, Harris Wittels, Paul Rust, Kulap Vilaysack, Michael Cassady and Neil Campbell.

Then: Enjoy this infinite gif of a tiny-hatted, dancing Ron Swanson.

Letterman booker Eddie Brill fired after making women-aren’t-funny gaffe.

Teen media titan Tavi Gevinson talks web strategy in this BBC video.

The Believer interviews Joan Didion; Serial Optimist interviews funny lady Julie Klausner.

Michelle Williams' GQ photos are absolutely stunning.

Listen to Gary Shteyngart read Etgar Keret’s “What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?”

Ruh roh: Khloe Kardashian moves to Dallas, starts researching fertility doctors

Wavves covers The MisfitsPrefix looks at the deep cuts and hidden gems of Guided by Voices; an interview with pop-punk band Yale, Massachusetts.

Christopher Hitchens’ posthumous memoir gets September release in US and UK.

Wired explores the “celebrities” who make bank on YouTube:

Perhaps inevitably, the nucleus of YouTube fame-seekers has migrated to Los Angeles. Hundreds of top-tier partners have left high-speed Internet connections in hometowns everywhere and settled here, on the periphery of the traditional entertainment industry. But for these viral stars, many of whom already pull in six figures a year from their channels, this move isn’t about getting their faces seen by studio heads or their voices heard by A&R reps. Instead, they come to work with one another. 

Reuters TV launches with 10 news verticals; Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby will be in 3D.

If you've been wondering what Haley Joel Osment's been up to, take a look at the trailer for Sassy Pants

Remember that research that said red wine’s good for you? Those results may have been falsified:

Following a three-year investigation, a university review board has concluded that Dipak K. Das, Ph.D., the director of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the university's school of medicine in Farmington, manipulated research data in at least 145 instances.

The Atlantic explores how Radiolab is changing the sound of the radio.

Grantland’s favorite pop culture stalkers; the seven most baffling things about women’s clothes.

io9 summarizes recent research on waste water, decides it’s time to start drinking urine, Waterworld-style; Burger King tests out home delivery.

In Utah, goats are being genetically modified with spider genes:

Prof Randy Lewis shows Adam Rutherford genetically modified goats at a farm at Utah State University, which produce large quantities of a spider silk that is among the strongest substances known to man.

Styleist explores Betty White’s fashion evolution in honor of her 90th birthday; Obama wishes White well (and demands to see her birth certificate).

Best way to beat stress? Turn off your phone.

Moving photos of soldiers’ faces before, during and after serving.

Watch Brad Pitt giggle for three solid minutes in this Moneyball outtake:

New episode of web series I’m Too Fragile For This up today: