Women Targeted In Med Cen

Women targeted in the Texas Medical Center: Police urge caution

Women targeted in the Texas Medical Center: Police urge caution

Texas Medical Center at night
After three female victims were robbed while walking in the Texas Medical Center area, police are warning pedestrians to keep an eye on their surroundings. Arcadiankirbyblog.com

Police are warning women walking near the Texas Medical Center to keep an eye on their surroundings and a tight grip on their purses.

Three victims have had their phones and purses stolen so far and police say they believe a man is targeting women walking in the area.

Police are telling everyone in the area to be alert, particularly if they are traveling on foot, and believe the person responsible for the string of robberies is from the nearby area as he's been able to escape quickly.

"We're finding out that in these cases people are distracted by either being on the phone or not paying attention to their surroundings," Edward Cavazos of the UT Houston Police Department tells KTRK Ch. 13. "And this is what's creating opportunity for this person to come in and steal their items and leave."

UT police — along with the Houston Police Department — are investigating the incidents since students are involved and the crimes have been occurring close to the UT Health Science Center campus.