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Stripper Reporter's New Tell-all

Stripper/reporter discovers newspaper life is not for her; plans exposé on Texas daily

News_Sarah Tressler_Good Morning America
Tressler — pictured above on Good Morning America after her Houston Chronicle dismissal — has left the San Antonio Express-News. ABC/Good Morning America

Reporter Sarah Tressler — who was fired from the Houston Chronicle in 2012 when she was outed as a part-time stripper — is making waves in the media scene once again with a new self-published book taking aim at the San Antonio Express-News, which she left in late November.

With help from superstar attorney Gloria Allred, Tressler landed at the Express-News less than a year ago as part of an equal opportunity settlement with the Hearst Corporation, which owns both the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio newspaper.

 Tressler plans to self-publish a brief exposé on the San Antonio newspaper titled Express-News Dispatches.

 But all was not well in the Alamo City . . . In an email to noted media blogger Jim Romenesko, Tressler runs through a list of grievances from her tenure at the Express-News. She plans to self-publish a brief exposé on the newspaper titled Express-News Dispatches.

In an excerpt of the soon-to-be-released book, she complains about a lack of salary raises as well as an apparent policy against jeans "deemed too skinny." She also takes aim at the newspaper's profit-sharing program that earned her an annual bonus of $700, which she says she could make on "one good night at my former job as a dancer."

Romenesko posts an email response from Express-News editor Mike Leary, who wishes his former reporter the best while calling her accounts of the newsroom a "serious misportrayal." In the comments section, other Express-News staffers join in Leary's defense of the newspaper.

Tressler, who was unable to be reached for comment, also says she's working on a book with San Antonio beer guru Harry Schumacher, publisher and editor of Beer Business Daily. She has yet to reveal the topic of the project.

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