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200 Young Professional Santas expected for Midtown pub crawl: Still time to join in

SantaCon New York City group posing in station
Two YPs are working to bring the tradition of the New York SantaCon, pictured here, to Midtown Houston this Saturday. Photo by Matthew Mendoza/Flickr
Santa Pub Crawl December 2013 Brittany Stephens and Katie Wooldridge
Katie Wooldridge, left, and Brittany Stephens are spearheading  H-Town's first charity Santa Crawl in Midtown this Saturday. Courtesy photo
Dogwood Houston, bar, patio, dusk
Dogwood will be one of the spots along the Santa Crawl benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Dogwood Houston/Facebook
Santa Con New York City Central Park 2011
If all goes well H-Town's Santa Crawl could eventually rival New York City's SantaCon for spirit and fun. Photo by Jim.henderson/Wikipedia
News_Caroline_best patios_Little Woodrow's
Littlw Woodrow's in Midtown will be party of the Santa Crawl fun. Photo by Chris "Mojo" Denbow
SantaCon New York City group posing in station
Santa Pub Crawl December 2013 Brittany Stephens and Katie Wooldridge
Dogwood Houston, bar, patio, dusk
Santa Con New York City Central Park 2011
News_Caroline_best patios_Little Woodrow's

Midtown will take on a holly jolly attitude on Saturday when the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation launches its first-ever Santa Crawl with more than 200 costumed Santas and Mrs. Santas stepping out for  a sleigh load of holiday fun. Following in the tradition of SantaCon founded in San Francisco in 1994, Santa Crawl is the brainchild of Houstonians Brittany Stephens and Katie Wooldridge.

As Wooldridge explained, "Being fans of the holiday season, and obviously a cold beer, we decided the way to get our fellow young professionals involved was to start a pub crawl." The duo has a friend who suffers from cystic fibrosis thus the fundraiser connection to the non-profit.

There are 309 registered SantaCons in 42 countries, including a Houston SantaCon, also scheduled for Dec. 7, but as of Sunday details for that one were sketchy.

The Santa Crawl, however, will be well-organized with Santas registering here and paying the $60 entry fee. The fun begins at noon when the Santas and holiday costumed participants gather at Celtic Gardens.

"When the clock strikes one, the crawlers are paired into teams of four and will travel their designated routes, moving from bar to bar every 45 minutes," Wooldridge says. From 1 to 5 p.m., the costumed revelers will be treated to a free beer and drink specials at Pub Fiction, Dogwood, Midtown Drinkery, Little Woodrow’s as well as Celtic Gardens where the after-party will be held. 

Bring it on, Santa Baby! 

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