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Houston drops the F-bomb: How foul-mouthed are Bayou City residents?

Houston drops the F-bomb: How foul-mouthed are Bayou City residents?

FBomb map of Houston
Pinpoints of tweets using the F-word in Texas around noon on Sunday. An explosion denotes that an F-bomb just hit. FBomb

How foul-mouthed are Houston residents? One way to find out is to check out FBomb, a real-time interactive map that shows where tweets containing the F-word are posted from around the world. Perhaps as a reflection of different cultures, tweeters in the United Kingdom and the United States seem to use the word more often than their counterparts in Canada or Australia.

In the U.S, not surprisingly, the word seems to be used more often on the East Coast. During a spot-check of Texas cities around noon on Sunday, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio appeared to have the most F-bombers, although Midland, Corpus Christi and even Waco were serving up some choice words.

The site, developed by Carleton University junior Martin Gingras, pulls from the public Twitter API and uses geocoded data to plot an exploding bomb signpost on the map every time someone uses the curse word. An accompanying Twitter feed also “sporadically retweets” the messages that makes, the map, according to an explanation in the Washington Post.

We can barely wait to check the site out later today if the Texans fail to impress in the game in Phoenix.


UPDATE: Following the Texans loss to the Arizona Cardinals, a number of Houstonians tweeted their F-word thoughts. But our favorite tweet was non-football related: