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Billionaire John Goodman's shower defense doesn't wash: Jailed again after 35 seconds

News_John Goodman_polo player_champagne
John Goodman is used to happier times. He's shown here after a polo celebration. Photo by © Bob Shanley/Zuma Press

It took police 35 seconds to take John Goodman into custody on Wednesday night after officers in his home were alerted to an alleged attempt to tamper with his ankle monitor. Now it will be at least six weeks before the Houston-raised billionaire convicted of DUI manslaughter is out of jail again.

After a hearing on Friday, a judge temporarily suspended Goodman's house arrest based on testimony by Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw that Goodman had deliberately tampered with the ankle monitoring device, though his attorneys claimed that the damage to the device was sustained when Goodman knocked it on the shower door.

Attorneys claimed that the damage to the monitor was sustained when Goodman knocked it on the shower door. 

Goodman, who has been in Palm Beach County Jail since Wednesday night, will remain there until his appeal hearing on Nov. 26.

Goodman's legal problems all began in February 2010, when his Bentley blew through a stop sign in Wellington, Fla., crashing into the car of 23-year-old Scott Wilson, who drowned after his car was knocked into a nearby canal. Despite an elaborate defense that maintained he was sober at the time of the crash (only to get drunk afterwards), he was convicted of DUI manslaughter in April of this year.

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