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Marene, chef footwear, October 2012, Vanessa O'Donnell
Ooh La La's Vanessa O'Donnell wears a pair of adorable cupcake decorated Toms. Photo by Robyn Arounty
Anthony Rendon Nationals
From Rice to the Washington Nationals, Anthony Rendon is on the go. Courtesy of Washington Hardball
News_Tarra_Comforts of Home_Haunted Chair_lady from shanghai
In photos, the red chair now moves around the world, as it holds beautiful femme fatales contemplating murder in exotic locations. Photo by Wade Livingston
Eva Longoria and University of Houston students Nov. 2013
Eva Longoria, center, is a political force to be reckoned with. Photo by e-Vison 1 Productions
News_Katie_Steve Minatra
Steve Minatra made protest signs Minatra for friends participating in Occupy Houston. Photo by Katie Oxford
Campanile South office building on Richmond Avenue
The six-story Campanile South office building is a new Class A office building on Richmond Avenue, a real estate hotspot. Photo by Ralph Bivins
News_Katie_Steve Minatra
Steve Minatra has a lot of bright ideas. Photo by Katie Oxford