Seinfeld World Problems

Houston's new 346 area code is already being mocked: Who wants this damned number?

Houston's new 346 area code is already being mocked: A wrong number?

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Due to Houston's constantly growing population, a new area code, 346, will start appearing as soon as July 1st.

713, 281, 832 and now 346? 

The first three digits of a phone number says a lot about a person (at least according to Urban Dictionary. 713? It's "the area code for the one and only H-Town Texas; the tightest city." Houston's original area code as most would say.

The 713 is even referenced in multiple rap songs, like when Lil Flipper says "because I represent the seven-one-threeeee, the type of rappers y'all never gon beeeee."

 Being in Houston and not having a 713 area code makes you a target for jokes. 

Next came the 281 phase . . . Being in Houston and not having a 713 area code makes you a target for jokes. Urban Dictionary dismisses 281ers with "This is the area code for the outskirts of Houston. However, it can also apply to a person whose personality or clothes highlight that area. This could include frosted tips, Quicksilver shirts, or an appreciation for things that those in the 713 take for granted . . . cause that's just how they roll."

In my generation, it's actually used as a demeaning term despite the fact that many of my friends actually have the area code — 281-ers please take this joke lightly.

Finally, the 832-ers. I'm not really familiar with the stereotypes for these cellphone carriers and Urban Dictionary doesn't care about them either. Generally, they're just the leftovers of Houston that place themselves all over the surrounding map.

So what in the world will 346 become?

Starting July 1, the new area code will create possibilities for eight million new numbers in the Houston area. It will cover Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, Austin, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston and Brazoria counties. With Houston's three existing area codes predicted to run out of numbers by October, 346 might come in handy.

Just thank your lucky stars that longtime phone carriers will get to keep their original numbers, because who knows what this new area code will bring. Besides certain mocking. And no rapper love.