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Obama mural vandal finally caught? Breakfast Klub owner tackles man with paint can

The Breakfast Klub, mural, Obama, February 2013
Breakfast Klub owner Marcus Davis caught a potential vandal just steps away from a recently-repainted Obama mural. Photo courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11
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Artist Reginald Adams Photo by © Michelle Watson/

Just days after artists repainted the recently-defaced Barack Obama mural in Midtown, an alleged vandal has slipped through the cracks.

The Breakfast Klub's Marcus Davis — who commissioned the original building-side painting in 2008 as well as two subsequent replacements pieces — was driving near the site around 7:45 Sunday evening when he noticed a man on a bike lurking in the shadows by the mural.

The suspect had an open can of paint next to him, according to the Houston Police Department.

"It's goes to show just how powerful an image can be," says Reginald Adams, the well-known public artist who painted (and repainted) the Obama murals. 

Davis phoned law enforcement officials immediately and approached the subject to ask what he was doing. The man quickly bolted only to be tackled moments later by the Breakfast Klub owner.

HPD reports that officers arrived at the scene, but were unable to arrest the suspect since no crime was committed. A follow-up investigation is under way.

"It's goes to show just how powerful an image can be," Reginald Adams, a well-known public artist who painted (and repainted) the Obama murals, tells CultureMap. "I'm glad we were able to stop it this time, but I don't think this will ever be the end of it."

Adams — who runs the Museum of Cultural Arts Houston with his wife Rhonda Radford-Adams — says that during last week's mural repainting, a man rode by on his bike shouting out accusations that the president is a "murderer." Surveillance footage of the most recent vandalism also shows what appears to be a man on a bicycle.

On Sunday night, Adams drove to meet Davis immediately following the incident. He notes that police confiscated the suspect's bike but left the gallon can of paint, which was fuschia. HPD was unable to comment or offer further details, as the investigation is still open. 

"If anything, I just hope we're getting closer to the people who are doing this," Adams says.

Watch the full KHOU report:

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