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My Big Gay Wedding

Houston duo emerges as finalists in My Big Gay Wedding: Businessman, flight attendant wow Tim Gunn

Jeff and Jeremiah engagement February 2014
Time to celebrate with a vote for Jeff and Jeremiah. Courtesy photo
Jeff and Jeremiah engagement February 2014
Jeremiah reacts to Jeff's proposal on the sandy beaches of El Dorado in the Mexican Caribbean. Courtesy photo
Jeff and Jeremiah engagement February 2014
Best of wishes to Jeff and Jeremiah in the contest - and in their lives together. Courtesy photo

Houstonians Jeff Robertson and Jeremiah Pyant have extra special Valentine's Day plans, and they need voters help to make their dream day — and lifetime together — come true.

The pair are finalists in the My Big Gay (II)Legal Wedding contest sponsored by the ACLU and hosted by fashion guru and television personality Tim Gunn. The goal: To help five same-sex couples live their fantasy weddings while highlighting the conflicting patchwork of state marriage laws. Contestants with the best ideas of how they'll cross state lines to tie the knot will walk away — and down the aisle — with $5,000.

The deadline for voting is Valentine's Day — this Friday.

 Contestants with the best ideas of how they'll cross state lines to tie the knot will walk away — and down the aisle — with $5,000. 

The "Dynamic Duo" — an apropos nickname as Jeff and Jeremiah describe their relationship most like the original Batman and Robin movie — met on an airplane. Jeff was flying on a business-related trip, while Jeremiah was the flight attendant. They hit it off and maintained a long-distance relationship until they relocated to Houston months later.

In addition to love, "adventure, fun, trust" are among their common bonds now, according to their contest questionnaire answers. While their "Bucket List" wishes for travel focus on Greece, Australia and Japan, Jeff and Jeremiah show their true companionship with a sweet and intimate wedding idea.

"We would love to take a road trip and record our awesome journey!" they write. "We would stop in cool places for unusual photo ops i.e. World's Largest Shoe (there are tons of places like that here in Texas) or take pit stops to check out the local famous/favorite diners, drive-ins or dives."

Jeff and Jeremiah also shared their surprise marriage proposal on YouTube — and it's brought in well wishes from across the country. Jeff was super stealthy sneaky (and most creative!) in his arrangements to make the big engagement step happen on the couple's annual trip to Mexico.

The moment was perfect — complete with a very fashionable and handsome couple, family, friends and champagne — and set to the the tune of Jennifer Hudson's Giving Myself. Watch it all on video (at the top of this story).

Then you decide how to cast your vote.

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