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Sugarcane (Closed)

Healthy(ish) drinking

Update: Sugarcane has closed. The property remains under the Adams' ownership but is leased to other management. (Dec. 1, 2010)

Sugarcane, by Andrew and Doyle Adams (also the fellas behind the Washington Avenue Drinkery) is a perfect date-night spot with an organic liquor menu showcasing what the brothers call (eco)cktails. They've got the organic version of nearly every liquor you can imagine, plus some you've probably never heard of — like the acai berry-infused liqueur, VeeV. (Have it in a cucumber mist. To. Die.)

They've got a patio out back, uber-able bartneders and are planning to reinstate the speed-dating and live music that characterized the old Corkscrew, where Sugarcane now stands.

1919 Washington Ave
Houston , TX 77007

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