Writespace Workshop: "Creative Writing 101"


Ever have the urge to document some aspect of the world around you for posterity, or simply for yourself? Ever wonder how to put together a story, or felt overwhelmed by the prospect of doing so? Creative writing is a process of discovery as much as it is an act of conscious construction. This class will take you through the process of exploring, distilling and organizing the material lurking in your psyche and all around you on a daily basis.

After some written exercises, guests will examine some published writing and discuss techniques to organize narrative via the traditional and manageable three-act structure, developing conflict, tension and perhaps most importantly, character along the way.

Event Details


2.7.15 | 1:00 pm


Writespace Houston - Silver Street Studios
2000A Edwards St. Suite 212
Houston, TX 77007


Ticket Info

$30 - $45