Vox Culture presents Vox Beer Summit

Vox Culture will open the new year with a special event to introduce its focus on tackling the topic of racial equality in Houston. As part of its participation in the HOU21 Initiative, Vox Culture will be hosting a VOX Beer Summit. The event will be the formal opening for the organization’s 2017 theme, "Know Your Neighbors."

The goal of the series is to allow for the Houston community to engage and build awareness on the subject of racial inequalities and challenges that may be observed (and exist) in Houston. Among the final aims of the year for Vox Culture are the promotion of a healthy and positive ambience, which encourages realistic and creative discussions  and action items, that can be used as pillars towards building a more equal and united community.

This event will specifically provide a chance for creative expression of this discussion via spoken word poetry. It will also provide a chance to listen to brand new proposals and initiatives by the City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department that can help begin to tackle parts of the subject of racial inequality.

The VOX Beer Summit will feature a brief presentation from the City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department. The event will also feature performances from several spoken word poets from Write About Now. A happy hour selection from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. will also be available for guests wanting to purchase beer, as will food from A&B Wong Masters Food Truck, for those wanting to purchase bites.

Event Details


1.20.17 | 6:30 pm


Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.
5301 Nolda St.
Houston, TX 77007


Ticket Info

Admission is free.