Obsidian Theater and Standing Room Only Productions present The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Obsidian Theater presents The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Photo courtesy of Obsidian Theater

Obsidian Theater in association with Standing Room Only Productions will present the musical comedy, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. With book, music and lyrics by Rupert Holmes, this show within a show is based on the final unfinished novel of the same name by Charles Dickens, who left his story unfinished when he passed away in 1870. Due to the novel being incomplete, the identity of the murderer, or the question of Drood’s ultimate fate, was never revealed.

Drood was the first Broadway musical with multiple endings (determined by audience vote). Obsidian Theater patrons will get the unique opportunity to be directly involved with the show and choose the outcome at each individual performance. Was it the odious John Jasper? The ruler of London’s opium den, Princess Puffer? The innocent ingenue Rosa Budd? For the first time in the heart of the Houston Heights, the audience has the power to decide the ending.

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10.14.17 | 8:00 pm
10.13.17 | 8:00 pm
10.12.17 | 8:00 pm
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10.8.17 | 3:00 pm
10.7.17 | 8:00 pm
10.6.17 | 8:00 pm
10.5.17 | 8:00 pm
10.2.17 | 8:00 pm
9.30.17 | 8:00 pm
9.29.17 | 8:00 pm
9.28.17 | 8:00 pm


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