Lecture and Informal Talk: "The Making of the 5 Year Plan Project" by Aaron Sinift

Lecture and Informal Talk: "The Making of the Five-Year Plan Project" by Aaron Sinift
5 Year Plan, 2010, editioned book 41/180, silkscreened, wood block printed, hand sewn and embroidered, 14 by 14 by 2 inches. Courtesy of the publisher Aaron Sinift

In his lecture, titled "The Making of the 5 Year Plan Project; artists collaborating with Gandhi Ashrams in India," creator Aaron Sinift will discuss his journey from the New York art world to India in search of Gandhi ashrams collectives, and how he instigated a DIY international artist collaboration to serve Doctors Without Borders.

Sinift will also introduce Other Imaginings, the current book project underway with three ashrams in Northern India. These projects use Fluxus strategies of collaborative play to create art editions that are consistent with Gandhian ideals of self-sufficiency (swadeshi) and selfless service (seva) in honor of Gandhi, creating thousands of days employment to poor villagers and building cooperative relationships of mutual trust and love.

This talk, co-sponsored by the TPM Printers Guild, will be followed by another informal talk for artists plus a Q&A session titled "How We Did It; Creative Fundraising for Collaborative Arts Projects."

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1.10.15 | 1:00 pm


The Printing Museum
1324 W. Clay St.
Houston, TX 77019


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