Izakaya presents I Never Thought I’d Eat THAT

Cove, Jean Philippe Gaston, chef, October 2012
Philippe Gaston Photo by Sarah Rufca

Izakaya Executive Chef Jean Philippe Gaston and James Beard Award nominee Chef Manabu Horiuchi of Kata Robata are inviting food lovers to test their adventure-loving palates with an “I Never Thought I’d Eat THAT” night of dining. The two acclaimed chefs will jointly be creating a five-course dinner featuring ingredients that are, well, not in many shopping baskets for shoppers at Kroger.

Start, for example, with a salad made with jellyfish and shiro ebi, a white prawn. That will be followed by a Sazae Sashimi with Shiso Dressing. Sounds harmless enough until one is reminded that, while in actuality are a rather grotesque shell fish, in Japanese mythology, they are creatures that take human form and eat people. One common fable tells how sailors rescued a beautiful woman from drowning. She turned out to be a sazae who, in the days of making love to the sailors, cut off their testicles, then bargained for gold to give them back. This dish (the sazae, not the testicles) will be served with sea grapes and sardine chips. Sardine chips and sardines but chips made with sardines.

But speaking of testicles, the main course, prepared by Chef Gaston, happens to be Rocky Mountain oysters, served like a stew with lamb heart. It comes with a Peruvian mint sauce and roasted potatoes.

This is followed by a ramen made with mantis shrimp. These colorful killers are known for their ruthlessness in killing prey and in defending themselves. Larger ones have been known to escape from aquariums by literally smashing the glass.

Finally, dessert brings a whole new chapter to farm-to-table dining. The sweet ending will be chapulines and Mexican cocoa ice cream with gusanos and slices of honeycomb. Translated, that pretty much comes down to grasshoppers, ice cream, worms and honeycomb.

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7.19.17 | 7:00 pm


318 Gray St.
Houston, TX 77002


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