Houston City Dance presents "On The Verge of the Fringe"

Houston CIty Dance presents "On The Verge of the Fringe"
Photo by Claudia Casbarian

Houston City Dance presents "On the Verge of the Fringe," a preview of the works that the City Dance professional company will perform in August at Scotland's Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where the group has been invited to perform for the second year in a row.

Pieces span the genres of jazz, contemporary ballet, modern and tap, and deal with a range of subjects, including a celebration of women, an exploration of the experience of bullying from the perspectives of the bullies and the victims, an examination of the pain of child abuse, a harsh look at what humans really are when culture is stripped away, and a clever tribute to America's favorite pastime.

Event Details


7.12.14 | 7:30 pm


1307 W. Clay St.
Houston, TX 77019


Ticket Info

$15 adults; $10 students with ID.