Hardy and Nance Studios presents Salon des Refusés Art Show

Hardy and Nance Studios presents Salon des Refusés Art Show
Photo courtesy of Hardy and Nance Studios

To an artist, being accepted into an influential art gallery show is a big deal. Acceptance can help artists gain popularity and private commissions, not to mention, more exposure. Lawndale Art Center offers such a show every July called the Big Show, which draws local Houston artists but, unfortunately, not every artist gets into the show. Salon des Refusés (exhibition of rejects) art show is back in business this summer.

Emily Sloan, curator-on-occasion for Gallery 1724, curated the original Salon des Refusés in Houston. The reject show dates back to 1863 as a result of a government-funded art show that couldn't accommodate thousands of artists in France. Emily passed the salon baton and this year’s show will be curated by Gallery Director, Claire Richards, Noah Edmundson from the Art Car Museum and artist, Stäcy Smith. They are eager to embrace the rejects from The Big Show, which is expected to draw nearly 300 artists.

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7.23.16 | 5:00 pm
7.22.16 | 6:00 pm


Hardy & Nance Street Studios
902 Hardy St.
Houston, TX 77020


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Admission is free.