Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery presents Novus Conceptum

Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery presents Private Art Showing of <i>Novus Conceptum</i> Contemporary Fine Art & Photography
Photo courtesy of Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery

Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery presents Novus Conceptum, an exhibition of 25 international and national artists displaying their innovative paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and photography.

Translated from the Latin phrase "new concept," the show Novus Conceptum brings together 25 international and national artists who fuse together different styles, like UK painter Thomas Dowdeswell's cubo-futurist urban dystopias. South Korean artist Hyeonkyeong Yeo's paintings of the female body simultaneously point to feminism and the domain of the typically male-dominated realm of Pop art - advertising - to expand on the blatant fact that Pop artists of the 1960s brought to everyone's attention: that the mundane commodities in our world can be fine art. Yeo's paintings Plus minus and A dozen of oval faces are reminders that the body is the ultimate commodity in an age of hyper-consumerism.

Featured artists are Agustin Ciarfaglia, Allyson Block, Amelie Beaudroit, Bethany Kalk, Eugene Stein, Heather MacRae, Hyeonkyeong Yeo, JT Thompson, Jody Mc Grath, Lee Musgrave, Lorna Ritz, Michael Willett, Monica Bosch, Nadja Daehnke, Richard Freer, Sonia Gil, Sarah Nguyen, Stefan Skiba, Taesook Jung, Thomas Dowdeswell, Toban Nichols, Salma Arastu, Sirun Guan, Stephen Neil Gill, & Uta-Maria Krapf.

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10.15.16 | 6:00 pm


Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery
6900 S. Rice Ave.
Houston, TX 77401


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Admission is free.