Cooking class: Italian Quick, Easy, Seasonal with Giancarlo Ferrara

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Photo by Shirley Barr

An evening spent in the kitchen with Giancarlo Ferrara is always fun and educational.

As you work alongside him, you'll learn to prepare these simple, rustic and uncomplicated Sardinian dishes that are full of flavor: Pane Guttiau (Sardinian Music Bread with Fruttato Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Pecorino Sardo); Malloreddus from the Baronia (Sardinian Teardrop Pasta with a Classic Sauce from the heart of Sardinia); Anzone kin Patata e Carzofeddas (Lamb with New Potatoes & Artichokes); and Millefoglie con Crema al Mascarpone e Fragole (Puff Pastry layered with Mascarpone & Strawberries drizzled with Abbamele).

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3.26.13 | 6:30 pm


3815 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77027


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