Bayou City Theatrics presents Lord of the Flies

Bayou City Theatrics presents Lord of the Flies
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Lord of the Flies, William Golding's classic novel, comes to the stage courtesy of Bayou City Theatrics. An all female cast gives a whole new perspective on the savagery of man, proving that animal instinct lives in the hearts of us all. Using beautiful imagery and an original score, this production brings the detail of the novel to life.

The play is the inaugural production of Bayou City Theatrics' Page to Stage series, a celebration of classic literary works that have been adapted for the stage. Directed by Jake Frank and designed by Colton Berry, the production a strong ensemble that includes Erica Bundy, Ashley Frye, Storey Hinojosa, Megan Nix, Gia Ochsenbein, Tori Shoemaker, Vicki Wood and Whitney Zangarine.

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9.28.14 | 5:00 pm
9.27.14 | 8:00 pm
9.26.14 | 8:00 pm
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9.25.14 | 8:00 pm
9.21.14 | 5:00 pm
9.20.14 | 8:00 pm
9.19.14 | 8:00 pm
9.18.14 | 8:00 pm


The Kaleidoscope
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