Archway Gallery presents John Slaby: Death and Desire opening reception

Archway Gallery presents John Slaby
John Slaby, The Sign Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

Flowers losing their petals, a man overcome with the fever of desire, a woman in a sensual pose menstruating: these are some of the works that make up John Slaby’s latest exhibition at Archway Gallery, Death and Desire.

In this show, Slaby explores aging and desire through still lifes and figures. Here, the flower becomes metaphor for the process of senescence and the waning of sexual vitality. The subtle composition of The Sign (oil on canvas, 48”x60”), its large size and detailed rendering of the reflective glass adds to the impact of this powerful piece. We need not see what lies above to know what is happening here and what is to come. Similarly, we know what is soon to happen in Doctor’s Report (oil on canvas, 60”x40”) where a bouquet rests in a cracked vase where the life sustaining water has drained away.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through January 7, 2016.

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12.5.15 | 5:00 pm


Archway Gallery
2305-A Dunlavy St.
Houston, TX 77019


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Admission is free.