Archway Gallery presents Donna Perkins: "Becoming Paint" opening reception

Archway Gallery presents Donna Perkins: "Becoming Paint" opening reception
Photo by donna e perkins

"Becoming Paint", featuring new work by donna e perkins, will be on view at Archway Gallery.

Making art is seen by donna e perkins as a personal act of defiance. It is perkins’ rejection of the culture in which the practical and the religious formed restrictive rules, and beauty was suspect. While she would like to make a strong social statement that would make the world a better place, she's not sure how to do this. She finds something vaguely political about going one's own way in the pursuit of the secular pleasures of paint.

The abstract painter has spent much of the last two years secluded in her studio, hiding out from reality, playing with paint; exploring the properties of both acrylic and oil paint. In the spirit of exploration, donna e perkins has been experimenting with various viscosities and transparencies by dripping and pouring layers and layers of acrylic paint. While perkins does manipulate the paint, there is always a degree of chance to these paintings. She remains open to the results as she continues to add layers of paint until satisfied with the composition.

For the first time in almost four years, perkins has returned to oil painting. While she started with several small, tight paintings, she began new canvases using up the paint leftover from these works. It was a game to use all the paint on the palette by the end of the day. Canvases started in this manner are freer and the speed of the brush stroke is retained. In time, this method of starting compositions was applied to her large canvases; again, chance is a factor in the results. Working on a number of paintings at one time is common for perkins. Often she works on both acrylic and oil paintings during the same day.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through May 4.

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4.1.17 | 5:00 pm


Archway Gallery
2305-A Dunlavy St.
Houston, TX 77019


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Admission is free.