2014 Mennonite Relief Sale and Auction

2014 Mennonite Relief Sale and Auction

Several dozen quilts and comforters will be auctioned, ranging from small wall hangings to king and queen size. These handmade masterpieces include both traditional and contemporary designs made by Mennonites from Texas and across the country. Woodworking, art work and collectible items will be interspersed with the quilts throughout the auction, which begins at 10:30 a.m.

The sale of beautiful crafts from around the world, made by artisans who typically use traditional techniques and materials, will generate much needed income for people in more than 30 countries.

Throughout the year, members of Mennonite churches in Texas have gathered to work on craft projects. Many of the fruits of their labors will be on sale throughout the day, including sewing crafts, needlework, wood crafts, paper crafts and more.

The silent auction will feature a wide variety of goods and services donated by Mennonite smiths and vendors. The silent auction will be ongoing throughout the morning. Traditional Mennonite favorites.

Event Details


11.8.14 | 9:00 am


7901 Westview Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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Admission is free.