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Houston's essential source for news, events and happenings, CultureMap ( is revolutionizing local news by delivering real-time coverage, breaking news, analysis and opinion on the arts, fashion, dining, music, events, politics, sports and society. It combines a highly regarded editorial team with a cutting-edge Web and mobile publishing platform to offer unique intelligence and insight. CultureMap does not simply report on the communities it covers, it fosters real-time conversation. CultureMap’s newsroom of experienced editors, photographers and writers are complemented by a stable of passionate contributors — all of whom bring insider expertise in each market CultureMap serves.  

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Editorial Staff
Clifford Pugh
(713) 581-8076 x102

Shelby Hodge

(713) 581-8076 x103

Chris Baldwin
Managing Editor
(713) 581-8076 x114

Barbara Kuntz

Photo Editor
(713) 581-8076 x105

Joel Luks
Listings Editor
(713) 581-8076 x108
Staff Writer
(713) 581-8076 x129
Staff Writer
(713) 581-8076 x152
Chad Miller
Chief Sales Officer
(713) 581-8076 x107
Meredith Riddle
Senior Account Executive
(713) 581-8076 x106
Madelyn Thornton
Manager - Advertising Services 
(713) 581-8076 x115
Grace Odom 
Account Executive
(713) 581-8076 x147

Jessica Baldwin
Network Marketing Director

Naomi Galvez
Art Director

Emily Goetz
Marketing Manager
(713) 581-8076 x132


Alyce Alston
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tod Eason
Managing Director
Amy Katzenberg
Chief Digital Officer
Drew Gutierrez
Director of Development
Anna Domning
Office Manager
(713) 581-8076 x125