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Sophisticated mini golf venue rolls to the top of Houston's most popular stories

Sophisticated mini golf venue rolls into week's most popular stories

Puttshack mini golf course
Puttshack puts a futuristic spin on mini golf. Courtesy of Puttshack

Editor's note: It's time to recap the top stories on CultureMap from this past week.

1. Sophisticated new spin on mini-golf rolls into downtown with cool tech and adult fun. Puttshack will offer a nightclub-style atmosphere to the miniature golf experience when it opens next year.

2. Houston stretch of highway named most deadly in the U.S. by new report. The highway has seen 56.5 fatal accidents for every 100 miles of roadway. 

3. Decadent Montrose dessert palace will relocate after 20 years of dishing out chocolate treats. The company promises both a new location in the neighborhood as well as more growth throughout Houston.

4. Chris Shepherd's new casual steakhouse now serving roasted meats downtown. Yes, diners can splurge on a big deal steak, but the menu offers less expensive sandwiches to give it daily utility. 

5. Houston hip-hop superstar Bun B debuts new burger pop-up at CultureMap Awards. Trill Burgers first pop-up will take place August 8 at Sticky's Chicken.