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Houston stretch of highway named most deadly in the U.S. by new report

Houston stretch of highway named most deadly in the U.S. by new report

i 45 Houston
Drivers on I-45 should be on heightened alert and wary. Photo by Getty Images

Fresh off landing on a prestigious list of best cities in the world (thanks, Time!), Houston now has the dubious distinction of being home to one of the most deadly stretches of highway on the globe.

A new report from Budget Direct, which crunched numbers with the firm NeoMam, reveals that the most deadly road in the United States is Interstate 45, running north from Galveston to Dallas through Houston. By the numbers, the highway has seen 56.5 fatal accidents for every 100 miles of roadway, per the study.

More data from 2019 notes that the Houston area is the most lethal stretch of I-45 with some 73 deaths.

Budget Direct, in its report, also points to a recent article by The Texan on Harris County’s filing of a federal lawsuit against the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to halt a plan for expanding Interstate 45.

Should any of this ring ominously familiar to local drivers, that’s because I-45 was just named second-most dangerous trek in the U.S., as CultureMap reported this year.

In 2020, Popular Mechanics called the highway the most dangerous in America, as we also reported.

A combination of busy, urban stretches plus driver complacency are listed as the main causes of these fatalities, per the study.

To generate all this downer data, Budget Direct’s research team compiled accident rate data from government sites and transport associations worldwide to reveal the road drivers should be extra careful on in the U.S. Meanwhile, Neomam consulted national government websites and transport associations in each country to find the roads with the highest accident rates. 

Our neighbors north and south face similar peril, the study adds. Revelstoke-Golden road in Canada has 38 fatalities over a nine-year period, while the Mexico-Querétaro Highway in Mexico is home to a whopping 3,500 accidents, 3,300 injuries, and 584 deaths in a six-year period.

Bottom line to anyone navigating this Houston-area stretch of highway: stay vigilant and hyper-aware — it’s a matter of life and death.