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The wealthiest ZIP code in Texas is in an unexpected part of Houston

The wealthiest ZIP code in Texas is in an unexpected part of Houston

Discovery Green, George R. Brown Convention Center, Hilton, skyline, December 2012
The 77010 ZIP code in downtown Houston was found to be the wealthiest ZIP code in Texas. Photo courtesy of George R. Brown Convention Center

While it might not come as a shock to learn that Texas' wealthiest ZIP code lies within Houston, its location within the city is probably different than what you'd expect.

The Bayou City's priciest ZIP code isn't in River Oaks or Piney Point or Carlton Woods in The Woodlands.

The wealthiest ZIP code in the state of Texas is 77010, an area smaller than 30 square blocks in downtown Houston, according to a new report by information services group Experian, which created an extensive map that reveals the wealthiest ZIP codes based on individual income tax returns around the nation.

The area includes the George R. Brown Convention Center and Discovery Green, as well as a number of skyscrapers that house local branches of massive companies like the Hess Corporation and Ernst & Young. There are several luxury residential highrises, too, including One Park Place, located within the ZIP code area. Based on the 247 tax filings reported for the 77010 ZIP code, the adjusted income for the area is $670,198.

For each state, Experian lists the top three wealthiest zip codes based on adjusted income figures from the IRS. The other two in Texas are located in Dallas. The 75247 zip code — located near Love Field — ranked No. 2 in the state with an adjusted income of $548,640, and 75270 in downtown is No. 3 with an adjusted income of $382,037.

Nationally, three of the top five wealthiest zip codes are located in New York City, with the No. 1 highest adjusted income in the country falling in the 10104 zip code. It covers only one city block, between Fifth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas at West 51st and West 52nd Street, and has an adjusted income of $2,976,929.

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