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DiverseWorks art opening reception: Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe: Posse Comitatus


An on-going collaborative project by New York-based artists Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe, Posse Comitatus examines the socio-cultural dynamics of paramilitary groups and the representation of thei

DiverseWorks art opening reception: Pepe Mar: Parco Dei Mostri


Miami-based artist Pepe Mar creates brightly colored and fantastical sculptures that capture his flamboyant spirit and reflect an eclectic fusion of cultures. Mar, who was born in Mexico and raised

Post-Studio Project art opening reception: Energy Cache and the Imagined Promise by Robert Harrington

Using mass-produced objects and ordinary materials reconfigured into an art context, Roerbt Harrington's work looks at how we might individualize or personalize things that are inherently not p

College of the Mainland Art Gallery opening reception and artist talk: ÑUU SA DAKAÍ - A People that Paints: Recent Works by Vicente Mesinas

ÑUU SA DAKAÍ - A People that Paints features recent works by Vicente Mesinas, who's an artist from Oaxaca, Mexico. The opening reception includes a conversation with Mark Greenwal

Rudolph Blume Fine Art / ArtScan Gallery opening reception: Entangled

The exhibition includes sculptures by Jennifer Ellison, Larry Graeber, Alex Larsen, Betsy Odom, Robert Pena Jr. and Patrick Renner. The artists in this group exhibition represent a wide spectrum of

Community Artists' Collective art opening reception: Pieces of the Whole

Community Artists' Collective - Bermac Arts Building

The Community Artists' Collective opens its fall season with Pieces of the Whole in its new quarters in the Bermac Arts Building. Artists Aesha Lee, Gail E. Mebane, Marsha Outlaw, Daniel Daigle

Gallery Jatad art opening reception: From There to Here

Images of objects from Lisa Qualls' garden and studio will populate her next solo exhibit, From There to Here, at Gallery Jatad. On view through Oct. 18.

Houston Center for Photography opening reception: Travelogues

Houston Center for Photography

Houston Center for Photography's newest exhibition, Travelogues, features works from Nathan Hoang, Sara Macel and Natalie Slater, three artists who join the long-time tradition of photogra

Children's Prison Art Project opening reception: "Art Behind Walls: An art exhibit by juvenile offenders"

This opening reception at Ben's Beans is an evening of music, poetry and performances that features art created by juvenile offenders in the Houston area. Children's Prison Art Project&

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston opening reception: Right Here, Right Now: Houston

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Right Here, Right Now: Houston features Houston-based contemporary artists Debra Barrera, Nathaniel Donnett and Carrie Marie Schneider.  The exhibition showcases artists living in the cit

384 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (376)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)

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