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Archway Gallery opening reception: Body Language by Cookie Wells and Virginia and Andre Bally

Cookie Wells, watercolorist, along with Virginia and Andre Bally, ceramicists, will collaborate on a new show titled Body Language. Wells examines the human figure in her usual colorful, emotional

Archway Gallery opening reception: Shimmer by Donna E. Perkins

Donna E. Perkins has approached Shimmer in an experimental manner, playing with layers and layers of metallic, phosphorescent and shiny acrylic paints. During the run of the show, Jhon R. Stro

East End Studio Gallery opening reception: 14 Years and Runnin'

The exhibition features the latest work from Rigo Martinez, Marcus Ferdinand, Jarrod L. Perez, Chris Garcia and Hector Serna Jr. from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts Art Dep

East End Studio Gallery opening reception: Explicitly Chingona V

The show explores and pushes the boundaries of sexual taboos. Mature and adult subject mature will be displayed and only guests 18 and over will be allowed in the gallery.

Samara Gallery opening reception: The Flying Circus by Hans Molzberger

When Hans Molzberger was 11 years old, he found a book called Mein Fliegerleben, printed in 1936 as propaganda, in the attic of his parents' house. The book is the story of a German World War I

Rice Gallery art opening reception: Shotgun

Rice Gallery

Shotgun celebrates Houston's historic row house or shotgun home, a nickname based on the small home's corridor-like layout that allows a clear path or shot from front to back door. During a

Redbud Gallery art opening reception: It Is What It Needs To Be by Paula Schubatis

Paula Schubatis, a Detroit-based artist, explores urban landscapes through woven textiles, paint and found materials, using material remnants of the past to manipulate the tactile experience of the

G Gallery opening reception: 2014 by Roberta Harris

G Gallery presents internationally recognized artist Roberta Harris. Working with a more spontaneous, "unencumbered" process, Harris presents mesmerizing works on paper and canvas. On vie

John Palmer Art Gallery reception: Reinholtz

Joseph Reinholtz is a 2014 graduate of the Escapist Mentorship Program. He is widely recognized for his use of rare and atypical media. His fire-kissed pieces will adorn the Great Room and the Fran

McClain Gallery opening reception: Paper Works by Katsumi Hayakawa

McClain Gallery

McClain Gallery presents Paper Works, a solo exhibition of new pieces by Japanese artist Katsumi Hayakawa. This exhibition focuses on Hayakawa's architectural constructions made of paper, which

480 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 48
Refine By:   Events (472)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)

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