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"Go fee free summer kick-off" at Citizens for Animal Protection

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) kicks off summer with two days of fee-waived adoptions at the CAP Pet Adoption Center and shelter. Enjoy fee-free adoptions, bake sale, pet supply sale and more

Third Annual April Showers Dog Wash and Family Day

Think of "April Showers" as a spa treatment for your four-legged friends. Nail clippings and ear cleanings will be offered in addition to dog washes. A doggy kissing booth as well as a ph

Houston Rockets Dog Walk

Hermann Park

The walk will follow a picturesque, 1-mile path around McGovern Lake and the Jones Reflection Pool. Participants will receive one ticket to the Rockets' April 6 game vs. Denver, a commemorative

Petapalooza at Discovery Green

Discovery Green

This free festival celebrates the animal lover in all of us.

Spay-Neuter Assistance Program and Art Colony Association present "Paint With Your Pet!"

Isn't your pet your best pal? Each family will take home a painting created by your pet's paws. Whether you have a budding pawcasso or you just want to capture clean images of your dog'

Pit Bull Armed Robbery

Pit bull used as a weapon by punk crook: Preys on vulnerable mom and special needs kid

By Tyler Rudick

The domestic dog has proven an ideal work companion for millennia, offering assistance in everything from herding sheep and pulling sleds to detecting improvised bombs. A Spring Branch man expl ...

Shelby's Social Diary

A fancy brunch goes to the dogs and Meals on Wheels for pets gets a major boost

By Shelby Hodge

For a first-time effort, Best Friends Brunch did remarkably well, as one might expect when funds are being raised for friends of the four-legged variety. The fundraising was on behalf of aniMeals&n ...

Dog Poo Fairies Attack

Dog poo fairies invade Houston: And they're going to make sure pet owners pick up that poop

By Tyler Rudick

Informally heralded as the Whole Foods for animals, Kriser's all-natural pet store is arriving in Houston after earning hordes of devotees in Southern California, Colorado and Chicago. In a ...

Pet Serial Killer On Loose

Fears of a pet serial killer shake Montrose: Mutilated cat and missing animals leave plenty of questions

By Tyler Rudick

A rash of missing cats has Montrose pet owners fearing the worst amidst rumors of hungry coyotes and a possible serial animal killer. (Warning: Gruesome details ahead.) On Saturday, residents n ...

The Paw Stuff

Houston's getting a new "official" city dog park: A $1.5 million pooch paradise is on the way

By Tyler Rudick

Houston dogs and their human companions are drooling over plans to reinvent a popular makeshift dog park at Allen Parkway and Montrose Boulevard. Work begins Monday to transform the two-acre gr ...

72 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 8
Refine By:   Events (32)   Lists (0)   News (40)   Places (0)

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