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World Cup Viewing Guide

Where to Watch the World Cup: Sooooooooo many choices to get in on the action

By Kate Bentsen

The World Cup is back, which means it's the one time every four years that even casual U.S. sports fans pay attention to international soccer football. While you can always watch the games at h ...

Cheapskate's Guide

Cheapskate's guide to a fun time: Eat, drink and party every night of the week for next to nothing

By Amy Chien

Whether you’re a yuppie, a student partying on a string or looking for an early bird special, everyone loves a good deal. Drinks, eats and entertainment can really add up, and with holiday sh ...

Glenfiddich Tasting at Reserve 101

Reserve 101

Reserve 101 hosts a tasting of a range of Glenfiddich single malt scotch spirits. Glenfiddich has been distilling its single malt scotch whisky since 1887. David Allardice, Glenfiddich's b

Houston Bar Bargains

Where to drink right now: Houston's hottest restaurant happy hour deals for September

By Marcy de Luna

September's best happy hours deals feature several soon-to-be Houston hot spots, a few old favorites with revamped bar menus and one just opened locale. INSIDE INFO OSTERIA MAZZANTINI ...

Drink Up

Houston's top restaurants embrace summer's scorch, break out special cocktail and food pairings

By Amy Chien

There’s something about alcohol-induced comas in the summer heat that really make the South the South. Even though mint juleps are my personal favorite summer (or any-time) cocktail, I’ ...

Drinking on a Dime

Cocktails for less than $1: Crazy cheap drink deals at top Houston restaurants and bars

By Amy Chien

Sometimes you want to go cheap. I mean really cheap. I had my first experience with the famous “Dollar Wells” recently at Cecil’s Pub. It was . . . interesting. I love the ...

Drink Up

Wine school: High-end Houston restaurant makes summer classes fun, plans to build a new patio

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

It’s almost summertime in the city, and for me that means two things: Spending more time outdoors and drinking wine. Well, I actually have that wine drinking part pretty much covered year &ls ...

No chaser needed

The Holy Grail of Mexican tequilas finally hits the Houston market: This is no spring break shot

By Darla Guillen

If tequila conjures images of shot glasses and spring break: You’re doing it wrong. Houston is about to receive agave nectar to sip, not shoot, and it’s thanks to local cocktail pros wh ...

Drink Up!

Drinking like the Scots: A mind-bending spirits pairing at a high-end Houston restaurant

By Amy Chien, Darla Guillen

When I’m sending my whiskey on back to the sea Names will be shattered and glasses be filled The girls will get frisky and do what they will But the moment of finest reflection mu ...

"Celebrate the Repeal" benefiting MurrayAid

It has been 79 years since the Prohibition ended. To celebrate the anniversary of Repeal Day, the restaurant will be transformed to another era as dancers move about, music flows, glassware clinks

34 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (30)   Places (0)

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