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You Dirty Dogs

TV drives partners to cheat on their spouses: A new shocking adultery study

By Jonathan Rienstra

According to a new survey, 28 million Americans have cheated on their significant others. Turns out, we’re pretty rotten. Of course, we’re talking about what New York Magazine calls ...

Survey Says

Affair town: Houston a hotbed of infidelity, with more marriage cheating than almost any other

By Whitney Radley has some sordid news for Houstonians just in time for Valentine's Day: 'Tis the city to have an affair, according to recent data from the extramarital dating website whose ...

Not what 911 is for

Caught cheating, a Craigslist Casanova comes up with a novel escape: Report the other woman as a burglar

By Whitney Radley

In Craigslist crime news, a Colorado man called the law on his personals ad paramour to avoid looking like a two-timer. The Colorado Spring Gazette reported that Keith Gaylor, 24, met a woman o ...

The Den Mother's Down

Proud cougars lament the Demi Moore divorce frenzy: What does Kutcher's douchebag turn mean for the rest of us?

By Christina Pesoli

Every once in a while a story that is simply news to everyone else is highly personal to you. Like the recent wildfire coverage, if you're a Texas resident whose home was affected. Or the bleak ...

You Know What I Mean?

Dear Fayza: Should I tell my friend to stop dating a married man or silently wait for disaster?

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

Can you believe it's already September? Not that it feels that way or anything. It's still very much summer in my neck of God's country (for readers of my nationally syndicated column t ...

Celebrity Problems

Truce or no, LeAnn Rimes continues to be vilified on Twitter: Where a scarlet letter lasts forever

By Sarah Rufca

Peace, at long last. No, I'm not talking about the civil war in Libya, the uprisings in Bahrain, the end of military operations in Iraq or Afghanistan or the continuing strife in Japan. I&# ...


Lots of skin, little sense: Demi Moore goes Twitter scorned mad

By Caroline Gallay

Star magazine "reported" this week that Ashton Kutcher cheated on his much-older wife, Demi Moore, with some random PYT outside the paparazzi-hounded Madeo restaurant in Los Angeles. ...

The need to up that crazy

Off key: Life lessons from the Glee star who almost went Bobbit on her man

By Steven Thomson

Proof that Glee costars Naya Rivera and Mark Sallings' tumultuous open (at least in Stallings' view) relationship resulted in Sallings' Lexus being keyed and egged is either dwindl ...

The night the marriage crumbled

Twenty seven swings? Did Elin Nordegren really count her golf club whacks at Tiger Woods?

By Caroline Gallay

The divorce between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is final, with official documents calling their marriage "irretrievably broken." No shit? New reports from the infamous night t ...

9 Results. Showing to
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