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Houston's Best Young Chef

The best chef you've never heard of? Rising star grabs the respect of big-name Houston restaurant peers

By Jodie Eisenhardt

Houston certainly has its share of celebrity chefs who receive national recognition and accolades for their work. Chris Shepherd of Underbelly, one of Food & Wine Magazine’s best &qu ...

Celeb Spotting

Rick Bayless makes the most of a forced Houston layover: Celebrity chef roars through town

By Whitney Radley

Celebrity chef Rick Bayless and his crew made a stop in Houston on Sunday en route to Oaxaca, Mexico to film Season Nine of Mexico: One Plate at a Time — but foggy local c ...

Foodie News

All aboard? Paula Deen's Galveston cruise includes a pajama dessert party & Deen Olympics

By Sarah Rufca

I've never been on one, but everyone says you gain five pounds on a cruise because all you do is eat. So I'm a little afraid of what a Paula Deen cruise would be like. No matter, celebr ...

Foodie News

A meal that will change your life? New restaurant teases with Marcus Samuelsson assist

By Sarah Rufca

"I'm expecting this lunch to change my life," said the girl next to me as we sat down at the "Yes, Chef" lunch, held at Hofheinz House. Normally expectations like that w ...

Foodie News

Too bad Dallas: James Beard brings its celebrity chef tour to Houston for its only Texas stop

By Sarah Rufca

My family reunions generally feature horseshoe competitions, clarinet performances by middle-school-age cousins and lots of Velveeta macaroni and cheese. A Brennan's family reunions means combi ...

Foodie News

Spicing it up: House of Blues gets a celebrity chef makeover from a Food Network personality

By Sarah Rufca

House of Blues: great for concerts, meh for dinner. But a restaurant revamp that includes a new menu, a new name and a new celebrity chef at the helm could change that. Texas-native Aaron Sanch ...

Tyler Florence Book Signing

Central Market

Unless you are incredibly attuned to the Tyler Florence tour schedule you've already missed out on a chance to join his cooking class at Central Market — it sold out almost as soon as it

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)

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