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Sounds Like Texas

Texas gains recognition as the new music mecca: Emotional music changes all — as special concert shows

By Joel Luks

Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out what's remarkable about something in one's own city before locals pay attention to it and give it the cred it rightfully deserves. Composer C ...

Top Texas Universities

Rice rockets up the World University Rankings, but it still can't catch the University of Texas

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Houston's Rice University has been named one of the top universities in the world in the new Times Higher Education World University Rankings, making it one of only two Texas ins ...

Whoop, there it is

Texas loses its academic edge over Texas A&M: Schools deemed equal in new rankings

By Katie Friel

In August, Affordable Colleges Online practically blew up the Internet when it dared to declare that a Texas A&M University degree is more valuable than a degree from the University of Texas. N ...

What Is Rice Diploma Worth?

A degree from Rice or Texas A&M is worth more than University of Texas diploma, study says

By Katie Friel

Although they won't face the University of Texas at Austin on the football field this fall, Rice University and Texas A&M University can both claim victory over UT after being named the fir ...

Texas Pest Update

New way to wipe out fire ants: Killer zombie flies on the attack!

By Jonathan Rienstra

Fire ants just can’t catch a break. They’ve been dealing with crazy ants taking over their habitats, and now a University of Texas at Austin researcher wants to turn them into zombies & ...

It pays to be smart

Four Texas schools make list of world's 100 best universities

By Marika Rafte

Several well-known Texas schools have made it onto the list of a number of recent college rankings of the nation's — and world's — best universities. The University of Texas ...

Sports Drama

The Bum Phillips opera is taking shape: Yes, this crazy concept needs to happen

By Joel Luks

Hut, hut, hike? Try singing that. Now try singing that without sounding like Mary Poppins. Add some vibrato, a dramatic stare, maybe point at someone as if your life depended on it. The spi ...

Ranking It

Rice University tuition deemed inexpensive: Houston's Ivy League worthy college makes Best Buy list

By Whitney Radley

No stranger to bang-for-your-buck accolades, Rice University has been named one of 20 "Best Buy" private schools in the United States, according to Fiske Guide to Colleges.  ...


Think fire ants are bad? They're wimps compared to new Crazy Ants taking over Texas

By Jonathan Rienstra

According to University of Texas at Austin science researchers, the common fire ant is at risk of being displaced by the Tawny crazy ant, which is not the same as Tammy, your crazy aunt. In a r ...

Internet craze

Whole lotta shakin' going on: University of Texas student video of Harlem Shake goes viral

By Jonathan Rienstra

University of Texas at Austin students are part of one of the larger Harlem Shakes we've seen so far, performing the "dance" on the South Mall of the 40 acres in a video put together ...

15 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (15)   Places (0)
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