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Service begins March 30

Look out London: United adds a third daily nonstop flight from Houston to Heathrow

By Whitney Radley

Despite its repeated warnings of route eliminations and workforce cuts in Houston, United Airlines has reaffirmed its commitment of making Houston one of its main international hubs.  ...

Taking Off

United gives $50 bonuses to employees for being on time: Airline sees a dramatic boost

By Whitney Radley

The past several months of United Airlines' Air Travel Consumer Reports have been terribly dismal, with the carrier ranking last in on time arrivals and racking up customer complaints.&nbs ...

Flying Low

Missing Continental: United ranks dead last in on-time arrivals, mishandled bags & complaints

By Whitney Radley

Another month, another poor performance rating: United Airlines' rankings for July 2012 were far inferior to other carriers in the September Air Travel Consumer Report, released ...

Follow the leader

Southwest Airlines triggers an across-the-board airline price hike: Not such good guys after all?

By Whitney Radley

Southwest Airlines is the current leader in the game of airfare tug o' war. As first noted, the Dallas-based carrier has initiated an increase of $5 each way on 400 of its ...

Here's the skinny

United Airlines to put in skinnier seats, swears you will not notice — and besides you'll have WiFi

By Whitney Radley

Just when you thought flying coach couldn't get much more cramped, United Airlines has announced plans to install slimmer seats to its Airbus narrow-bodies. Each aircraft in the  ...

beginning Nov. 4

A consolation prize? Houston gets United Airlines' fancy, new Dreamliners first

By Whitney Radley

United Airlines has put in a hefty order for 50 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. On Thursday, the airline announced that domestic travelers will get a chance to ride on the first five arrivals of th ...


Oops! . . . United did it again: Computer system crash is more of same for much-criticized airline

By Whitney Radley

It's just another weekday, and United Airlines' systems — at the airports and online for a while, too — are down. Flights have been been grounded across the country, from Sa ...

Taking Off

Flying away to Las Vegas just got cheaper: No-frills Spirit Airlines adds Sin City & Chicago nonstops

By Whitney Radley

Just as I was lamenting the hefty price tag on a nonstop United Airlines flight to Las Vegas, the travel gods have responded: Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines is starting two new routes from H ...

Flying High

Houston gets the Dreamliner after all: United Airlines adds flights at IAH despite tough talk

By Sarah Rufca

United may have hit back at Houston by cutting off non-stop flights to Paris, but it looks like the airline is still committed to making Houston an international hub. The first international fl ...

Uh oh

United Airlines slammed in consumer report: 5 times as many complaints as any other airline

By Whitney Radley

Tsk tsk, United Airlines. Passengers continue to be unsatisfied by your service.  According to data for June 2012,  which was released this week by the U.S. Department of Transpo ...

49 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (49)   Places (0)

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