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Dynamo Fans Shut Up Fools

Dynamo fans shut up soccer fools, show Thierry Henry why Houston's no second class soccer town

By Chris Baldwin

You can feel it coming. It's like a wave building, forward push after forward push, roar after roar. The New York Red Bulls know they cannot stop it. The best team in Major League Soccer is ...

Dynamo 2, D.C. United 0

Bend it like . . . sorry Beckham, this unlikely Houston cowboy is now your set piece better

By Chris Baldwin

Pulling on his cowboy boots in the Houston Dynamo locker room, Brad Davis feels it's only right to offer fair warning. "Watch out for these babies," he says. If only opposing ...

Last Concert Cafe gathering

How hip is Houston? Bun B, Connor Barwin & other notables star in major ad campaign

By Dillon Sorensen

On Tuesday morning, an unlikely cast of Houstonians – including rapper Bun B, fashion designer Chloe Dao and Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin – made their way through the unassum ...

Hunks Doing Good

The sexiest bald men ever? Bald isn't just beautiful, it's hot with the Houston Dynamo shaving it all

By Jayme Lamm

Somewhere long ago, we as women grew up thinking men going bald signified really old men, like our fathers. Sure they were wise, and great providers, but sexy-I-want-to-touch-your-hot-body-hot? As ...

Beyond the Boxscore

22,000 a night and still a niche sport? Flattened Thierry Henry knows disrespected Dynamo deserve more attention

By Chris Baldwin

It's not even 3 p.m. and the orange jerseys and T-shirts are already trickling into The Original Ninfa's On Navigation. A few late lunch customers give double takes. This is how it is f ...

Time for a Designated Player

Buy it like Beckham: Dynamo need to use new stadium money to purchase a true star

By David Theis

We’ve heard and read plenty about what a beautiful, intimate stadium the Houston Dynamo now have for themselves — but how good is the team that’s playing there? As evidenced in th ...

Beyond the Boxscore

New Dynamo stadium hero Brad Davis proves it's impossible to root against homegrown MLS stars

By Chris Baldwin

When everything's new, you never know what's going to happen. Just ask Brad Davis, the Houston Dynamo's star midfielder. Davis stumbled as he hit the steps of the new interview podi ...

Back Up Beckham

Watching the MLS Cup surprise Dynamo — and their approachable cheerleaders — is one big party

By David Monroe

The sports gods were generous to the city of Houston on Sunday, granting key wins to two of its pro sports franchises. But though there were a couple of Andre Johnson jerseys visible among the sea ...

O Captain! My Captain!

A 100th for the books: Milestone moment puts the Dynamo in the East final in a "rebuilding" year

By Chris Baldwin

Wins don't get much bigger than this. The Houston Dynamo won their 100th game in franchise history by beating the Philadelphia Union 1-0 Thursday night to advance to the conference finals f ...

The Beautiful Game

Charity begins at Robertson: Houston Dynamo too eager to play Washington Generals role for Bolton

By David Theis

So how do the Houston Dynamo, and by extension the Major League Soccer in general, measure up against teams from the English Premier League? Based on Wednesday night’s Dynamo Charities Cup ma ...

10 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)