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Galileo Restoration

After NASA shuttle snub, Star Trek comes to the rescue at Space Center Houston

By Tyler Rudick

Who needs a vintage space shuttle when you can have the Galileo from the original Star Trek series? After getting snubbed by NASA to display a retired shuttle, Johnson Space Center&nb ...

Survey Says

Houston suburbs top list of best Texas cities for job seekers

By Clifford Pugh, Jonathan Rienstra

Looking for a job? Head to the Houston suburbs. A recent study of the best Texas towns for job seekers put League City in the No. 1 spot and Sugar Land No.3. The study, conducted by c ...

Space City Snubbed

Name Houston's fake space shuttle!? Consolation prize now touted by a snubbed Space City

By Whitney Radley

Undeterred by getting snubbed in the space shuttle shuffle, Space Center Houston — the official visitor center of Johnson Space Center — received a high-fidelity shuttle ...


NASA Johnson Center does a "Gangnam Style" space parody — and it's surprisingly good

By Whitney Radley

In this era of the viral video, people seem unwilling to just let an original work stand on its own, instead creating spoof upon spoof in hopes of replicating that success. Think "All the Sing ...

On view until 9 p.m.

Bittersweet moment: Endeavour lands in Houston on the way to permanent home in California

By Whitney Radley

After encircling the rooftops of Houston on Wednesday, the Space Shuttle Endeavour — piggybacking upon a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft — made its way to Ellington Field, just ...

Look up and wave bye

Small space consolation? NASA reschedules to give Houston a space shuttle flyover after all

By Whitney Radley

Maybe Johnson Space Center's existing facilities and artifacts aren't quite up to snuff, but Houstonians were justifiably butthurt about getting snubbed in the distribution of space sh ...

Bad Science

Did Houston even deserve a space shuttle? Saturn V "garage" raises questions of neglect & indifference

By Sarah Rufca

There have been several reasons given for Houston's snubbed bid for a space shuttle in favor of New York — politics, tourism numbers and a preference for outreach potential over community ...

Discount Ticket

Say what? Space Center touted as Houston's biggest movie icon

By Whitney Radley

New York has the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seattle has the Space Needle, Los Angeles has the Hollywood letters sprawling across the hillside.  These cities ...

It's not real, but it's close

Oh, what a sight! Shuttle replica makes its way to Johnson Space Center

By Clifford Pugh

Houston lost out on obtaining a space shuttle, but the replica looks pretty darn good. The shuttle mockup, which was known as "Explorer" for the 18 years it was at NASA's Kennedy ...

HTC Power

Saving the space talent: NASA signs agreement to help keep its laid-off workers in Houston

By Tyler Rudick

Having lost 4,000 jobs with the shuttering of its space shuttle program, NASA has been working with the Houston Technology Center (HTC) to forge a new partnership to keep its scientists and enginee ...

23 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (23)   Places (0)
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