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Midtown Changing Restaurant

Midtown makeover: Massive new restaurant, bar & bakery in an old garage seeks to change a neighborhood

By Clifford Pugh

Ian Rosenberg is at it again. The urban designer/developer with a conscience who is responsible for meticulously restoring historic buildings into two of Midtown's hippest bars — ...

Party Watch

New Young Professionals group rises — and it plans to fight to save Houston's history

By Shelby Hodge

What: Preservation Houston launch of Pier & Beam young professional group. Where: At Mongoose versus Cobra, which won Preservation Houston’s 2013 Good Brick Award for excellence in hi ...

Drink Up

Fun-loving British bartender turns a Houston hotspot into a hotbed of history — and crazy drinks

By Marcy de Luna

History comes naturally at Mongoose Versus Cobra. The revamped building dates back to 1915 and was formerly a residence, grocery store, auto repair shop, printing and stationary shop and post offic ...

Coogs Coffee

University of Houston finally gets a gourmet coffee shop — late night hours, special wine list on tap

By Julia Davila

Standing in a long Starbucks line at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston two years ago, MBA student Derek Shaw knew there had to be a better way to get coffee. Now, ...

New Midtown Venue

Midtown's new artsy real estate gains momentum: A $700,000 project that's worth dancing about

By Joel Luks

A new performing arts studio in Midtown just christened its space, adding to a growing posse of creative hubs aiming to paint the revitalized neighborhood with artful spirit.  The Houston ...

CultureMap Bottoms Up! Video

Mongoose versus Cobra conjures up a dreamy cocktail inspired by singer Roy Orbison & Blue Velvet

By Marcy de Luna

While there are no pumpkin-flavored libations on the menu at Mongoose versus Cobra, the blood-red Roy Orbison cocktail seems fitting for this Halloween edition of Bottoms Up! Shafer Hall, bart ...

Try these four great drinks

Midtown entrepreneurs strike a balance between classic and modern at Mongoose versus Cobra

By Marcy de Luna

Mongoose versus Cobra’s motif is one part classic beer hall with wooden tables and benches, and one part modern bar with a hidden big screen TV that can be unveiled for important events and a ...

Have you tried this?

A bar classic, but better: Can you handle this new craft beer haven's giant, head-sized pretzel?

By Sarah Rufca

On our first trip to Mongoose versus Cobra my friend and I made the mistake of each ordering our own pretzel. I mean, we were starving and at $6 each it seemed like the right call. But what arr ...

Boozy News

Houston's newest craft beer bar brings understated charm to Midtown in a historical building

By Sarah Rufca

It's been hiding behind a wall of plywood and ivy for months, but Mongoose Versus Cobra, Midtown's new craft beer and cocktail bar, is finally revealing itself to the neighborhood. The ...

Everything old is new again

13 Celsius owners plan new Midtown bar, Mongoose versus Cobra, with a nod to the past

By Sarah Rufca

Sometimes it seems like everything in Midtown is new. The light rail, the clubs, the townhouses — even the Midtown moniker barely stretches back a decade. But Ian Rosenberg and Mike Sammons, ...

12 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)

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