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Shelby's Social Diary

Best Dressed luncheon takes on new life with cheering throngs and Ralph Rucci designs

By Shelby Hodge

The crowd attending the Houston Chronicle Best Dressed Luncheon has always been an appreciative bunch, enthusiastically applauding the 10 women anointed each year as community-minded style icons.&n ...

Houston's Best Dressed Revealed

2014 Best Dressed list includes 10 fashion-savvy honorees

By Shelby Hodge

From the line-up of Jags, BMWs and Bentley's in the Neiman Marcus parking lot Wednesday night, it was clear that something big was happening amid the designer labels of the luxe retailer. ...

Ch, ch, changes

Houston Chronicle shakeup continues: Former first lady joins editorial team; big pay cuts for others

By Clifford Pugh

The ever-changing Houston Chronicle has made a surprising hire: Former Houston first lady Andrea White is joining the editorial staff on a temporary basis that could become permanent. The move ...

News, News, News

Winners & Losers at NancyWorld: A big shakeup is underway at the Houston Chronicle

By Clifford Pugh

Since new Houston Chronicle editor Nancy Barnes revealed her plans for the newspaper at a November luncheon, things have been unusually quiet on Texas Avenue. But it looks like, with the new y ...

Stripper Reporter's New Tell-all

Stripper/reporter discovers newspaper life is not for her; plans exposé on Texas daily

By Tyler Rudick

Reporter Sarah Tressler — who was fired from the Houston Chronicle in 2012 when she was outed as a part-time stripper — is making waves in the media scene once again with a new self-pub ...

Women Power

New Houston Chronicle editor tells the city's power brokers how she'll fix the newspaper

By Clifford Pugh

Having just moved to Houston four weeks ago, Houston Chronicle editor Nancy Barnes admits she hasn't made many friends yet. So The Clifford Group president Cindy Clifford hosted a lunch at La G ...

Major Media Shakeup

Big changes at the Houston Chronicle: New out-of-state editor brought in to lead the paper

By Clifford Pugh

There are big changes at the top of the masthead at the Houston Chronicle as Minneapolis Star Tribune editor Nancy Barnes is headed here to oversee the newsroom of the city's only daily newspap ...

the great decline

Houston newspaper readership is the second lowest in the entire U.S. — only Atlanta hates its papers more

By Tyler Rudick

If losing newspaper readers was a race, Houston would in the top three according to a new study. Market research giant Scarborough — which has been tracking online and print newspape ...

She wins?

Reporter stripper Sarah Tressler gets new journalism job: "Excited" to work for company that fired her

By Tyler Rudick

The San Antonio Express-News is welcoming a familiar face with everybody's favorite stripper journalist Sarah Tressler joining its staff of crime reporters. It's been a busy y ...

Cliff Notes

How much is news worth? New Houston Chronicle website says pay up to read more

By Clifford Pugh

It's a sad truth: Newspapers are dying. Having worked at the Houston Post and Houston Chronicle for three decades before joining CultureMap, it pains me to state the obvious. Newspaper read ...

29 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (29)   Places (0)

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