About Tastemaker Awards

The CultureMap Tastemaker Awards are an annual celebration of talent in Houston's restaurant and bar community, as selected by their peers. Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the people making the city's restaurant scene special and honor their innovation, energy, and creativity.

In March and April, we'll feature all the nominees in a special editorial series. Then join us on April 4 at Silver Street Studios for a swanky tasting event and awards ceremony where we'll celebrate the nominees and unveil the winners. Join us to mix and mingle with the city's top culinary talent and fellow foodies.

Check out scenes from last year's party

Meet the Tastemakers

Here's your taste of the best restaurants and bars in Texas for 2018

by Arden Ward

4.23.18  |  2:30 pm

Each year, we hold a Texas-sized celebration of two of the things we love most: food and drink. The annual ...

tastemakers 2018

Local all-stars and food fans toast the biggest Tastemaker Awards ever

by Steven Devadanam

4.6.18  |  6:10 am

A crowd of 1,000 of Houston’s most influential restaurant, bar, and hospitality leaders — mixed with passionate fans — packed ...

Tastemaker Winners Revealed

Tastemaker winners revealed: Houston's best restaurant, chef for 2018

by Eric Sandler

4.4.18  |  9:29 pm

May we have your attention, please? Here are the winners of the 2018 CultureMap Tastemaker Awards. These are Houston's ...

Chefs of the Year

Meet the 7 best chefs shaping Houston's dynamic dining scene

by Eric Sandler

4.3.18  |  10:35 am

Houston's culinary scene has captured the nation's attention for any number of reasons, but surely the city's ...

Restaurants of the Year

These are Houston's 6 best restaurants for 2018

by Eric Sandler

4.2.18  |  10:17 am

Of course, we love all of the categories for the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards. Rising Star Chef, Bartender of the Year ...

Best Poke Restaurants

The 6 best poke spots in Houston make a big splash in a sea of choices

by Eric Sandler

3.30.18  |  10:52 am

For this year’s wild card category in the 2018 CultureMap Tastemaker Awards, we asked our judges panel of former ...

tastemakers 2018

5 reasons every Houston foodie should attend the 2018 Tastemaker Award

by Steven Devadanam

3.29.18  |  4:35 pm

You know the nominees and you’ve voted for your favorite new restaurants. It’s time now for Houston’s ...

Final Vote

2 hot Houston spots compete in Tastemaker Best New Restaurant finals

by Eric Sandler

3.29.18  |  9:05 am

It's come down to Emmaline versus Field & Tides in the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards Best New Restaurant tournament.  The two ...

Wine Programs of the Year

Houston's 7 best restaurants to sip and savor a glass of wine

by Eric Sandler

3.28.18  |  9:05 am

Cocktails and beer are wonderful, but no beverage matches up with food quite the way wine does. With so many ...

Breweries of the Year

The 7 best breweries in Houston really get crafty

by Eric Sandler

3.26.18  |  6:00 am

By any measure, Houston's craft beer has been exploding. Established breweries like Saint Arnold and Buffalo Bayou are expanding ...

Pastry Chefs of the Year

Houston's 7 best pastry chefs really rise to the occasion

by Eric Sandler

3.22.18  |  10:02 am

Cooking may be a mix of art and craft, but pastry adds an element of chemistry. Get the ratio of ...

Best Neighborhood Restaurants

Houston's 10 best neighborhood restaurants cook up consistent comfort

by Eric Sandler

3.20.18  |  6:31 pm

Neighborhood restaurants may not show up on most best-of lists, but they’re the restaurants that most people dine at ...

Best New Restaurant Update

8 elite Houston spots heat up the Best New Restaurant competition

by Eric Sandler

3.19.18  |  5:00 pm

Unlike in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, the favorites mostly rolled in round one of this year's CultureMap ...

Best New Restaurants

16 best new restaurants in Houston vie for ultimate Tastemaker title

by Eric Sandler

3.14.18  |  4:16 pm

Nine out of this year’s 10 categories in the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards are decided by our panel of former ...

meet the tastemakers

These 8 bartenders are the mix masters behind Houston's best drinks

by Eric Sandler

3.12.18  |  2:25 pm

The last year has been an exciting one for Houston’s bars and the bartenders who staff them. A new ...

Rising Star Chef of the Year

The 9 rising star chefs bringing Houston's culinary scene to a boil

by Eric Sandler

3.6.18  |  10:19 am

Turns out that the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards Rising Star Chef of the Year category is a little bit prescient. Last ...

Bar of the Year Nominees

10 best bars in Houston for 2018 shake up the scene

by Eric Sandler

3.2.18  |  12:44 pm

Many people have noted that 2017 produced a lot of exciting new restaurants in Houston, but it offered some great ...

Cheers to This

Houston's signature food event back with bites, bubbly, culinary stars

by Arden Ward

3.1.18  |  1:38 pm

It's time to celebrate two of the things we love most — food and drink — at the annual CultureMap Tastemaker ...