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Keenum Finds New Team

Case Keenum quickly snatched up by new team, proving his doubters wrong again — and leaving Texans questions

Case Keenum quickly snatched up by a new team, proving doubters wrong

Case Keenum throw Texans 49ers
Case Keenum has been quickly quickly picked up a new team, proving his doubters wrong again. Keenum goes to the St. Louis Rams with a real chance to start at some point. Photo By Michelle Watson/CultureMapSnap

That didn't take long.

One day after getting released by the Houston Texans in favor of Bill Belichick reject Ryan Mallett, Case Keenum's found a new NFL team. The quarterback-needy St. Louis Rams picked up the former University of Houston record breaker off waivers on Monday.

And just like that, the Keenum doubters have been proven wrong again.

In reality, there was little question that a passer who showed plenty of potential in his first half season of starting would be snatched up in a league so desperate for quality quarterbacks. Still, many of the Houston media outlets that inexplicably hated on Keenum during his run with the Texans predicted he'd struggle to find a new NFL home. The Houston Chronicle went as far as suggesting his NFL career could be over, parroting the kind of nonsense 610 AM radio host Nick Wright regularly spewed.

 With a fierce defensive front and explosive playmakers, St. Louis is a real opportunity for the right QB. 

But it's not even close to the end for Keenum.

Instead Keenum is joining a Rams team that could give him a chance to start for a real contender at some point this season. With St. Louis' franchise quarterback hope Sam Bradford injured again — and lost for the season — Rams coach Jeff Fisher is looking for possible quarterback solutions.

The Rams will open the season with unremarkable veteran Shaun Hill as their starter, but Hill is hardly locked in.

With a fearsome defensive front seven and some explosive offensive playmakers like Tavon Austin, St. Louis presents a real opportunity for the right quarterback. Getting to play for Jeff Fisher — one of the most respected and open-minded coaches in the NFL — could be another boon for Keenum.

Fisher is unlikely to fixate on Keenum's lack of traditional quarterback height the way new Texans coach Bill O'Brien seemingly did. O'Brien never gave Keenum a chance to compete for the starting quarterback job —or even a single opportunity to play with the first team during the preseason.

Now Keenum gets a fresh start. As new beginnings go, it sure looks like a touchdown.