Arian Foster's Crazy Fan

Arian Foster's crazy fan selfie request story beats even the Chandler Parsons autograph horror tale

Arian Foster's crazy fan selfie story beats out even Chandler Parsons'

Arian Foster Texans Rams
Arian Foster broke out on crazy autograph story. It involved a baby. Photo by Michelle Watson/CultureMapSnap
Ford Baldwin
Would you hand your baby over to an unsuspecting Arian Foster? Photo by Julia Lauren
Chandler Parsons defense
The Houston Rockets' Chandler Parsons found the woman who ran a red light — and hit him — asking him for an autograph. Courtesy of NBA
Arian Foster Texans Rams
Ford Baldwin
Chandler Parsons defense

When Houston Rockets forward/male model Chandler Parsons revealed that a woman who ran a red light and hit his SUV then almost immediately asked for an autograph, it looked like he'd won weirdest fan request honors.

Not so fast. Not with Houston Texans tailback Arian Foster volunteering a doozy of his own in a hilarious Twitter rant.

Foster says that a man seeking a souvenir picture, interrupted the Pro Bowler's meal at a restaurant — by walking over and placing a baby on the table. "Hey man, can you take a pic with my son?" the father fan asked.

 Arian Foster is one of the rare athletes who tries to buck convention and do things differently. He hates trite and canned moments.  

Foster's response — or at least what he thinks about it now? "Can you please remove your infant away from my salad fork, bruh?" Foster tweeted.

The NFL star also revealed that the dad then got mad when he turned down the picture with the baby on table. Did the guy think he was starring in one of the Hangover movies?

Foster clearly not a fan of cheesy, forced posed pictures with fans. He also tweets about a woman who stonewalled his attempt to turn a picture request into a more ordinary (and human) interaction.

"Lady asked me for a pic, I asked her "wouldnt you rather have a genuine moment with me? Where you from?" she said "no, I just wan a pic"," Foster tweeted.

Yes, being a professional athlete is often surreal.

Arian Foster is one of the rare pro athletes who tries to buck convention and do things differently. He hates trite and canned moments. He usually avoids answering the throwaway, thought-light, cliche questions that unfortunately dominate many sports athlete interviews — especially in group interview sessions. Instead, Foster waits for queries that actually might make him think. At least, a tad.

You won't find Foster speaking in cliches. Or pretending he enjoys encountering bold strangers who only want a picture or an autograph — and nothing close to a real interaction.

For that, you can be grateful or resentful.

One thing's for certain: Parsons can have his crashing autograph seeker. Arian Foster will see that and raise his hand to a baby plopped down on the middle of his dinner table.